March 12, 2006

Try this…IE Bug…UPDATED

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Dont worry, it wont crash your system. Its just too funny. BTW, M$ patched it in IE 7 Beta.

1. Go to your desktop and create a new folder and call it “Notepad”
2. Open any webpage in IE.
3. Right Click and select View Source

Enjoy. If you have already tried it comment on it.

Some of you wanted a screenshot. Well, to be honest I have also stopped using IE so cant give you guys a screenshot.  Here is what happens. If you use IE, there is a View menu and in that there is an option called ‘Source Code’. Open any webpage in IE and then select Source Code through the view menu. Normally, if you hadnt made a folder called ‘Notepad’ on your desktop, you could see the page source code in a notepad file which would open automatically. If you do have a notepad folder, then whenever you try to view the source code, all that opens is the notepad folder. It is not possible to view the source code of any page using this technique. Just a minor bug but nonetheless entertaining.


March 10, 2006


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So finally, M$ released Origami. The hype surrounding the project was way more than M$ has had for any other product. I have seen the device and so have you. If you havent just click here. But what I don’t understand is why M$ needs to release such a product. Sure, its called the UMPC by Intel, but you tell me whats the purpose of such a device other than the cool factor or the bigger screen. They have tried jamming everything into 1 device and are still unsure what the device is really meant for.

M$ only contributes the software, so its nothing more than a vendor releasing a newly designed laptop albeit a little smaller. The software that can run on it includes Office, the regular media stuff and some jazzed up s*** like GPS. The screen is ard 7″ diagonally and though bigger than a mobile, CANNOT replace a laptop. The biggest problem that I see is an in-built keyboard. There is a on-screen keyboard but you know what happens to screen then. Sure there are USB ports but that means you need to sitdown at 1 place and attach a keyboard and then type. Where is the mobility people. This is just one of those devices intended to keep consumer interest in M$.


March 7, 2006

Windows Live ID captured

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Quote from Microsoft

Windows Live ID will be a major upgrade to the Microsoft Passport service. Windows Live ID will be the authentication system for Windows Live, Office Live, Xbox Live, MSN and other Microsoft online services. Partners who have implemented Passport are compatible with Windows Live ID.

As with all platform releases, our next release is more than just a branding change for the service. There is a significant amount of work that we’ve done to not only help partners and end-users realize more scenarios, but also to increase availability, performance and pave the way for future scenarios by making investments up front.

This moves reflects our intense focus to support the new sets of Windows Live services that have been, and will be launching, in full force (eg. www, expo, domains, mail to name a few that have already shipped). As previously mentioned, Infocard support will also be added as a supported credential typeWindows Live ID will be compatiable with all Passport sites and will add support for using Infocard as a credential. The change to Windows Live ID will mean several changes for users, most obviously with the new signin pages they will experience as well as an overhauled accounts management site. You can see the new login screenshots linked below.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

March 5, 2006

Windows Starter Edition 2007

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I’ve come across Windows Starter 2007. However, there are Software and Hardware Restrictions that you should pay attention to before trying to reach for a torrent. It is aimed at beginner computer users in emerging markets who can only afford a low cost PC. As with the XP version, Windows Starter 2007 is a subset of Vista Home Basic, and will ship in a 32-bit version only (no 64-bit x64 version). Starter 2007 will allow only three applications (and/or three windows) to run simultaneously, will provide Internet connectivity but not incoming network communications, and will not provide for logon passwords or Fast User Switching (FUS). Starter 2007 is analogous to XP Starter Edition. This version will only be sold in emerging markets. Screenshots are available almost everywhere.
Windows Starter 2007 is lacking a number of unique features found in most of the other Vista product editions. There is no Aero user interface, for example, and no support for Castle-based networking. Other missing features include DVD Authoring, gaming common controller support, and image editing with enhanced touchup.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows Starter 2007 Beta has a restriction of opening only three applications at a time.
  • No domain access and no inbound connection.
  • You cannot share your printer, files, folders or internet however you can have access to other computer’s resources, i.e, you can access their resources however vice versa is not true. Its only a one way communictaion.
  • Hardware Requirements:

  • CPU – Intel Celeron; Pentium (except IV and Higher); AMD (except Athlon, Opteron)
  • Memory – 256 (Minimum) 512 (Recommended/Maximum)
  • 10 GB of available hard disk space
  • DVD drive
  • Super VGA resolution video adapter and monitor.
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.
  • Create a free website or blog at