March 6, 2006

Blog Everywhere..literally

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The tool BlogEverywhere (from Sabeer Bhatia of Hotmail fame) is a simple way to log your and comments on any web page “without leaving it”.  Apart from this, it offers numerous other functions such as faster hotmail, popup protection. Its essentially a toolbar which you need to install and then start commenting or blogging anywhere. Blogeverywhere


Ajax powered blog software now…

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It has been developed by a developed by a student from UK. AJAXPress is an AJAX based blogging system. It is a standalone application written in PHP with a MySQL backend, and allows users to create their own AJAX-powered blogs. It comes complete with an AJAX powered admin interface. Ajaxpress. Pretty impressive stuff from a student. Try it out guys. He needs help to iron out the defects in the service.

February 28, 2006

Blog is where it

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Hi everyone. Thanks for all your comments. I have now shifted my blog to Zimeejax. Please visit there from now on. I would be taking this blog offline soon.

The blog stays where it was and will remain here forever. I figured out that neither do I have the money for hosting, nor do I have sufficient amount of visitors to start a new blog.

Blog at