March 19, 2006

CrazyEgg…you cant help but fall in love..

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From what I have seen of crazyegg, it definitely is the rocker of all the beta services that I have tried out. Its simple, uncomplicated, intuitive and best of all looks awesome. I just love their logo. I got myself into the crazyegg beta somehow since I was really keen on testing their service out after the rave reviews on techcrunch. And it has been very very well rewarded. All you got to do after signing up is insert a piece of code in your website and then sit back and enjoy as the beautiful interface takes over and gives information that would make life of a webmaster so much better. I got a blog running up at and tested their service out. Look at the screenshots and see for yourself why I am not kidding.

The above screenshot shows where are your users clicking on. Its in the Overlay mode. Its a very simple way of knowing whos clicking where and from where.

This screenshot shows the total no of clicks on your website in terms of percentages. Nice way to find out why are people clicking more at some places and where at others.

This is the best one. Its called the heatmap. It shows which are the most clicked parts on your website. I do not have too many clicks since its just a test site and the crazyegg session has been on only for like 2 mins.

So now you know why I love crazyegg. Its just simple and shows statistics which you really wanna see and improve upon. Some features that I would want include things like specific IP based tracking, dynamic changes to my website which crazyegg can detect. Oh, BTW all this is done in Ajax, so no more refreshes.

I swear to crazyegg. I hope you too.


March 6, 2006

Ajax powered blog software now…

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It has been developed by a developed by a student from UK. AJAXPress is an AJAX based blogging system. It is a standalone application written in PHP with a MySQL backend, and allows users to create their own AJAX-powered blogs. It comes complete with an AJAX powered admin interface. Ajaxpress. Pretty impressive stuff from a student. Try it out guys. He needs help to iron out the defects in the service.

Ajax Powered Yahoo search..

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Yahoo has launched an Ajax based search engine powered by Backbase. Its a very cool way of doing search. Completely in ajax. I hope Google builds something like this.

Yahoo Ajax Search

March 4, 2006


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This is funny. Coastr is aiming to be the of beers. Yes, beermarking. From their site:

“Coastr is an experiment in social networking for beer snobs (meant as a compliment, of course!). The basic idea is for you to create a list of your favorite beers, and to connect you with other people with similar tastes. And those connections will help you discover interesting new brews that you might have not known about before. “Social beermarking”, if you will.”

This is nice. Now soon we will have ajax powered cricket marking or maybe some Web 2.0 drinking. The point here howeveris that how web 2.0 applications are branching away from the early adopter crowd. This brings into my mind my Technology and World Change class where the prof showed us a graph which had a S-curve and showcased the different categories of individuals who adapt a technology fast and those who dont. This is exactly what is happening now. Look at Connotea for researchers and clinicians or Postgenomic for life science blogs. Both of these show how web 2.0 can be used for audiences outside the normal geeky ones. Or look at Carspace, a network for car enthusiasts or Cingo and Minti, soon to be launched family 2.0 services.

March 3, 2006

30boxes deserves an applause

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What task can you not accomplish online today. Bookmarks, editing and storing docs, storing music and yea keeping passwords in your google inbox. If so many tasks can be accomplished online, why is building an online calendar that integrates easily with whatever you do be so tough. 30boxes has shown that it can be done. I found these lines from their blog.
“One of our key features is the ability to enter an event simply, in one line, and have it appear on you calendar. Enough of the overly complicated event entry boxes! What if I just want to put ‚“lunch with mom tomorrow, noon‚”. Do I really need to pick repeating, or time zone, or url, or description?”

This is what everyone wants. Software that adapts to our needs. Mistakes can be edited later but atleast getting the stuff inside is not a problem. I was really hoping that gmail would introduce an online calendar. You get an email from someone saying that meeting on monday and immediately gmail would add that into your calendar. 30boxes does just that. You forward an email and it would add those dates to your calendar. Why not introduce the same thing for cellphones. It sure can be done.

Sharing is another great feature of 30boxes. Other applications require you to mark what to share and with whom. 30boxes shares just everything unless you say its private. Saves a lot of time. Plus you can see your buddy’s calendar. Who knows, by looking at your buddy’s calendar you might realize that there is a big concert in town which you would want to attend. Its a really cool feature. Seriously, lets applaud 30boxes for the work that they have done.

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