March 10, 2006


Filed under: Microsoft — by anshuljain @ 5:22 pm

So finally, M$ released Origami. The hype surrounding the project was way more than M$ has had for any other product. I have seen the device and so have you. If you havent just click here. But what I don’t understand is why M$ needs to release such a product. Sure, its called the UMPC by Intel, but you tell me whats the purpose of such a device other than the cool factor or the bigger screen. They have tried jamming everything into 1 device and are still unsure what the device is really meant for.

M$ only contributes the software, so its nothing more than a vendor releasing a newly designed laptop albeit a little smaller. The software that can run on it includes Office, the regular media stuff and some jazzed up s*** like GPS. The screen is ard 7″ diagonally and though bigger than a mobile, CANNOT replace a laptop. The biggest problem that I see is an in-built keyboard. There is a on-screen keyboard but you know what happens to screen then. Sure there are USB ports but that means you need to sitdown at 1 place and attach a keyboard and then type. Where is the mobility people. This is just one of those devices intended to keep consumer interest in M$.




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