March 8, 2006


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My online social security number. I recently got an invite for claimID. Its a service which lets you establish your online identity. You associate links with yourself after signing up and that becomes part of your public profile. Most of us do not require such a thing but maybe high profile executives. The links that you list signify that any other information on the internet that uses your name is not comfirmed. I have a couple of invites. Just leave your email in the comments to get one.
Hehe, this reminds of the prank that my friends played on me. As my name is anshul, they made a website with the URL and then sent an email to the whole college using my name. The problem was that whenever you tried going to the website, it automatically re-directed to Now, you sure know what is that. Dont you.:)



  1. I continue to be amazed by the tools being developed to help people manage their information online. As such, if you still have any free, I’d be interested in getting an invite. Thanks!

    p.s. I came to your blog via Never would have found it otherwise. Very cool!

    Comment by Ursula — March 14, 2006 @ 9:05 pm |Reply

  2. Hi Ursula. Am sorry. I do not have any invites left. Yea.Blogmad is quite cool but sometimes becomes a pain when you got to wait for 25secs for the next blog.

    Comment by anshuljain — March 15, 2006 @ 5:21 am |Reply

  3. No worries about not having any left. I’ll test it out when it goes live.

    As for Blogmad, I do agree that its a pain sometimes to wait the 25sec. Particularly when its landed on a blog that you have no real interest in. Having said that, it’s introduced me to some blogs (like yours) that I would not have found otherwise. So that is a good thing.

    Comment by Ursula — March 15, 2006 @ 9:07 pm |Reply

  4. LOL
    I am using roboform to keep track of all the passwords as there are so many!

    Comment by Randall Wall — December 27, 2006 @ 6:58 am |Reply

  5. roboform is great and you can have your own passcards and save all previous logins makes life so much easier

    Comment by Marios Loizou — January 1, 2007 @ 1:32 am |Reply

  6. That was interesting. Check out Jimmy Dushku’s site at

    Comment by Jimmy Dushku — January 2, 2007 @ 10:31 am |Reply

  7. HA HA that is a hilarious prank.

    Comment by Liquid Server — January 21, 2007 @ 6:46 am |Reply

  8. roboform saves my fingers !

    Comment by Lee — February 7, 2007 @ 2:18 am |Reply

  9. Online information tools continue to grow each day, its amazing at the speed they are becoming avalible, its good that its free too.

    Comment by ST — February 27, 2007 @ 5:07 pm |Reply

  10. ClaimID, interesting concept. I’ll have to read more about the site.

    Comment by Oprah's Secret — March 8, 2007 @ 1:52 pm |Reply

  11. i like the idea of claim id and will be giving some serious thought in the future.

    Comment by bath vader — March 15, 2007 @ 7:35 pm |Reply

  12. Just been looking at Claim ID, very interesting!

    Comment by David — March 21, 2007 @ 11:17 pm |Reply

  13. nice info well laid out and keep posting

    Comment by parasailing — April 9, 2007 @ 10:22 pm |Reply

  14. I love pranks. Sounds like it was really funny. I always play pranks on ym friends. Great!!

    Comment by Andy — April 17, 2007 @ 6:30 pm |Reply

  15. Roboform for me, typical male, 2 finger typist.

    Comment by Bill — April 18, 2007 @ 7:59 am |Reply

  16. Yes, it’s nice point. I am totally agree with you. Thank you, cheers..

    Comment by Gelinlik Resimleri — April 28, 2007 @ 10:49 pm |Reply

  17. interesting read

    Comment by Adultoysuk — May 11, 2007 @ 1:48 am |Reply

  18. i think someone have to invent a tool that have all others tool inside and made it easy to use. i actually use robo form but it lack of many things… -_-

    Comment by shopwoh — May 25, 2007 @ 9:48 pm |Reply

  19. Life is full of passwords and usernames. I use Robo as well, its better than most what I have seen.

    Comment by Deane — June 6, 2007 @ 11:13 am |Reply

  20. This is an interesting topic and blog. I am always amazed with the internet. When you think you know everything that there is to know about the internet, someone comes up with a fresh idea that blows you mind away that you start to think and say to yourself, “That’s stupid. Why didn’t think of that?” %$^#*!&@ 🙂

    Comment by John Smathers — June 12, 2007 @ 9:09 am |Reply

  21. thanks for the info!

    Comment by freedate — September 2, 2007 @ 12:51 am |Reply

  22. what a great idea!

    Comment by enlarge — September 2, 2007 @ 12:51 am |Reply

  23. I use roboform but it can be a pain sometimes

    Comment by Resell Rights — November 3, 2007 @ 3:44 am |Reply

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    Comment by cheap tyres — November 14, 2007 @ 1:04 am |Reply

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