March 3, 2006

30boxes deserves an applause

Filed under: Ajax,Web/Tech — by anshuljain @ 7:19 pm

What task can you not accomplish online today. Bookmarks, editing and storing docs, storing music and yea keeping passwords in your google inbox. If so many tasks can be accomplished online, why is building an online calendar that integrates easily with whatever you do be so tough. 30boxes has shown that it can be done. I found these lines from their blog.
“One of our key features is the ability to enter an event simply, in one line, and have it appear on you calendar. Enough of the overly complicated event entry boxes! What if I just want to put ‚“lunch with mom tomorrow, noon‚”. Do I really need to pick repeating, or time zone, or url, or description?”

This is what everyone wants. Software that adapts to our needs. Mistakes can be edited later but atleast getting the stuff inside is not a problem. I was really hoping that gmail would introduce an online calendar. You get an email from someone saying that meeting on monday and immediately gmail would add that into your calendar. 30boxes does just that. You forward an email and it would add those dates to your calendar. Why not introduce the same thing for cellphones. It sure can be done.

Sharing is another great feature of 30boxes. Other applications require you to mark what to share and with whom. 30boxes shares just everything unless you say its private. Saves a lot of time. Plus you can see your buddy’s calendar. Who knows, by looking at your buddy’s calendar you might realize that there is a big concert in town which you would want to attend. Its a really cool feature. Seriously, lets applaud 30boxes for the work that they have done.


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