March 29, 2006

25 peeps

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Apologies for the late posting, have exams coming up so cant help it. Anyways, here is something that you should like. Its something to promote your blog. Users submit their pics and after approval they are posted on the site with a link to your blog. If other users like your image and keep clicking on it, you stay on the front page. If you are lucky you might end up in the hall of fame. Its called 25 peeps since at any moment only 25 pics are displayed on the site. From 25peeps itself: 

promote your weblog.

peeps are sorted by popularity, which is based on clicks and referals. when a new peep enters the roster, the least popular peep gets pushed off the site. with a bit of luck, though, it may end up in the big hall of fame. go ahead and try it yourself!

Try it. Oh yea, its a referral link, the more users click on this link, more chances of your pic making it on the front page.


March 22, 2006

WTF…Larry Page…Not Possible

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I found these images while some random surfing. I am not sure whether they are staged or just plain fakes. Whatever the case maybe, have a look at them. Larry Page (Google founder) with his gf Lucy Southworth on a trip to Hawaii in Sep 2005.


And the BIG one..

I have no idea what the hell is going on. If you know, then tell me.

March 19, 2006

CrazyEgg…you cant help but fall in love..

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From what I have seen of crazyegg, it definitely is the rocker of all the beta services that I have tried out. Its simple, uncomplicated, intuitive and best of all looks awesome. I just love their logo. I got myself into the crazyegg beta somehow since I was really keen on testing their service out after the rave reviews on techcrunch. And it has been very very well rewarded. All you got to do after signing up is insert a piece of code in your website and then sit back and enjoy as the beautiful interface takes over and gives information that would make life of a webmaster so much better. I got a blog running up at and tested their service out. Look at the screenshots and see for yourself why I am not kidding.

The above screenshot shows where are your users clicking on. Its in the Overlay mode. Its a very simple way of knowing whos clicking where and from where.

This screenshot shows the total no of clicks on your website in terms of percentages. Nice way to find out why are people clicking more at some places and where at others.

This is the best one. Its called the heatmap. It shows which are the most clicked parts on your website. I do not have too many clicks since its just a test site and the crazyegg session has been on only for like 2 mins.

So now you know why I love crazyegg. Its just simple and shows statistics which you really wanna see and improve upon. Some features that I would want include things like specific IP based tracking, dynamic changes to my website which crazyegg can detect. Oh, BTW all this is done in Ajax, so no more refreshes.

I swear to crazyegg. I hope you too.

March 17, 2006 want to snub me…use Isolatr or Snubster

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You dont like someone or infact you really hate him/her but just cant say it on their face. Fear not, 2 services called Isolatr(still in beta) and Snubster allow you to do just that. Isolatr promises to “help you find where other people aren’t”. For even more fun check their FAQ here, its really funny

Snubster is an actual, live service. It helps you notify people, and the world, that you are pissed off at someone. The “On Notice” feature tells them that they have committed an “infraction” and are in a suspension period. If they really screw up, you can state that they are “Dead to Me”. Just visit. Even reading through them will make you laugh.

March 14, 2006

Email Visualization

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How would you feel if your email correspondences could be transformed into something artistic?

Themail is a visualization of the contents of a person’s email archive. The application is designed to be used by the owner of the email archive and it addresses two main questions:

1) What kinds of things do I talk about with my various email contacts?
2) How do my email conversations with one person differ from my conversations with other people?

March 12, 2006

Try this…IE Bug…UPDATED

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Dont worry, it wont crash your system. Its just too funny. BTW, M$ patched it in IE 7 Beta.

1. Go to your desktop and create a new folder and call it “Notepad”
2. Open any webpage in IE.
3. Right Click and select View Source

Enjoy. If you have already tried it comment on it.

Some of you wanted a screenshot. Well, to be honest I have also stopped using IE so cant give you guys a screenshot.  Here is what happens. If you use IE, there is a View menu and in that there is an option called ‘Source Code’. Open any webpage in IE and then select Source Code through the view menu. Normally, if you hadnt made a folder called ‘Notepad’ on your desktop, you could see the page source code in a notepad file which would open automatically. If you do have a notepad folder, then whenever you try to view the source code, all that opens is the notepad folder. It is not possible to view the source code of any page using this technique. Just a minor bug but nonetheless entertaining.

March 11, 2006


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RunFatBoy is an easy to use workout system designed for beginners. No more intimidating images of people with ripped abs. No more complicated medical jargon. Workout plans are automatically updated for you. You can adjust your plan if it’s too intense.

Your stomach spill out over your pants?

Do your…
Legs rub together as you walk?

Have you recently…
Cut another notch in your belt?

Are you clueless about…
Lifting weights (which exercises, how much to lift, etc)?

Its still not launched but just the name sounds funny. Alas, it could only offer an actual workout.

March 10, 2006


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So finally, M$ released Origami. The hype surrounding the project was way more than M$ has had for any other product. I have seen the device and so have you. If you havent just click here. But what I don’t understand is why M$ needs to release such a product. Sure, its called the UMPC by Intel, but you tell me whats the purpose of such a device other than the cool factor or the bigger screen. They have tried jamming everything into 1 device and are still unsure what the device is really meant for.

M$ only contributes the software, so its nothing more than a vendor releasing a newly designed laptop albeit a little smaller. The software that can run on it includes Office, the regular media stuff and some jazzed up s*** like GPS. The screen is ard 7″ diagonally and though bigger than a mobile, CANNOT replace a laptop. The biggest problem that I see is an in-built keyboard. There is a on-screen keyboard but you know what happens to screen then. Sure there are USB ports but that means you need to sitdown at 1 place and attach a keyboard and then type. Where is the mobility people. This is just one of those devices intended to keep consumer interest in M$.


Yes..Google gets Writely

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Its true. Google has acquired Writely. I havent used Writely, but users using it say its way ahead of its competition and that this a perfect decision by Google. And what does this mean for Google, they cant develop everything themselves and are not afraid of buying stellar companies. They arent that arrogant afterall.


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Today I tried Egosurf. Its basically a welcome distraction from work and doesnt serve any real purpose unless you really want to find out what are your ego points. It allows you to enter a search term and a link and queries google, yahoo and msn. You can configure all these options and much more through an ajax interface. It also does a deep search which means querying the top 50 results. So, without further ado, I present my egosurf points.

My Ego Points

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