February 15, 2006


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Ma.gnolia is a social bookmarking tool. There are other sites that do the same thing for you. Ma.gnolia is currently under a private beta and you can provide your email address to request an invitation.

I have tried a lot of bookmarking sites but gave up on all of them because instead of making my finding easier they made it more difficult since I had to login, add each URL and specify tags. Ma.gnolia however is a little different. There is a bookmark which can be used on a browser to instantly add a URL to your list and it also specifies tags according to your previous tags as well as other ones. If you need to add or delete any tag, you still need to log in and update. The other thing is that the interface is very clean and easy to use. No ads, I hate ads btw, easy additions with no complex menus. The best part is that if you search for a particular tag, you get results based on not only your bookmarks but also results from other users, depending on whether or not they have made their bookmarks public or not. Most users will ofcourse make their bookmarks public since its no big deal to share them anyways.

As of now Ma.gnolia looks good. Lets see how it goes.



  1. Hey, thanks for giving us a look. I thought I should reply here about your comment on ads and let you know that after we go live, we will be running ads on the site to help pay the bills. Shortly after we launch, we’ll be adding a pro-level service that, among other things, removes ads.

    We’re really sensitive to how ads to make a web experience unpleasant, so we’re taking a lot of care to make them fit the design rather than disrupt it, but we’re open to feedback on how well we do that.

    Why ads? Well, the biggest reason is that we don’t like the idea of launching a website, asking people to make it a part of their daily lives and then hoping for the best that somehow it’ll all work out. Having a source of revenue allows us to keep creative control and continue to develop features.
    Also, ads are up-front about how we make money. We aren’t selling profiles of people built up from their bookmark collections or personal data, and we’re certainly not selling mailing lists. It’s very possible that someday we’ll draw enough subscription revenue that we can take ads off the free service – believe me that would make us happy campers. But until then, we won’t ask users to trust us without showing that we have a plan to keep the servers running and the lights on. We understand that ads can be a dealbreaker for some people, though we hope that’s not the case for you. We launch today, so check out what happens and make your call. That’s all we can ask.

    Comment by Todd Sieling — February 16, 2006 @ 1:01 am |Reply

  2. Hi Todd,
    Thanks for your comment. Well, you can definitely make out that I love ma.gnolia. As far as the ads are concerned, I will be honest with you. Ofcourse I would prefer no ads. But if you can make sure that the ads are not obstrusive and do not affect the overall look of ma.gnolia which I really like, then its fine. But I still do not understand, why cant you guys start a subscription service which would automatically bring in revenue. You could have a subscription service with added benefits and let the free users get away with less options such as no private bookmarking and stuff like that. I am sure you guys can work a way out.

    BTW, I would definitely sign up for the paid service since I think ma.gnolia better than I went to the website today and there wasnt anything mentioned about the launch. Anyways, waiting for it.

    Comment by Anshul Jain — February 16, 2006 @ 2:43 am |Reply

  3. Thanks for that! I understand what you’re saying about running just off of subscriptions, but in our first few months we just won’t be able to pull in the revenue we need from subscriptions alone to make it work out.

    Also, if we were to go without ads from the start, we’d have to take features away from beta and free members to create a Pro package before new, Pro-level features are ready. That idea doesn’t make us happy.

    Honestly if we could run without ads and be confident that it would work out, we would. As I say, if we can run things just off subscriptions, then the ads are gone. Until we can prove that though we need to be prudent. Yes, I’ve used the word prudent.

    Thanks again for your warm response to what we’re doing. It’s encouraging to have members willing to take the time to say what we’re doing right (and wrong!).

    Comment by Todd Sieling — February 16, 2006 @ 3:08 am |Reply

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