February 9, 2006


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This is pretty interesting. I was so interested in coComment that I never even bothered to find out whether there was any other service that did something like this. Well, turns out that there is actually. Its called myComments. It does exactly the same thing except in a less flashy way. The good thing is that it was made by a Argentinian, who calls himself a student of systems, administration and architecture.

I got this info about myComments through the No 2 blog on I am not too sure whether myComments will enjoy the same kind of support as coComments and whether there will be any future additions. It just goes to show that marketing does help.



  1. Hello from Argentina 🙂

    MyComments is a very healthy project, since it’s based on collaboration and multiple bloggers in the spanish blogosphere, where is very used 🙂

    Thanks for telling the good thing is that was made on Argentina!

    Greets! Diego

    Comment by Diego — February 12, 2006 @ 10:23 am |Reply

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